New Mexico Furniture Company has been gracing homes with traditionally crafted designs for over thirty years, each piece a savory recipe combining superior workmanship, beauty, and functionality with a liberal soupcon of old New Mexico history.

David Mapes is the owner and hands-on creative talent behind the company’s collections, each of which offer solid construction and hand-rubbed finishes. Yet the unique and tasteful artfulness of each ensures clients will find a perfect complement to any décor. Taos Jazz pieces are boldly crowned, while the New Mexico Deco collection features linear molding reminiscent of the golden age of skyscrapers. The simple lines of Contemporary Southwest pieces are elegantly embellished with classic Southwestern detailing.

Mapes, whose fascination with woodworking began at his grandfather’s side, sources the finest of sustainable woods, including walnut, cherry, and African mahogany. But he enjoys incorporating reclaimed woods, as well, searching for usable materials that offer real Old West stories along with authentically aged patinas. Dreams of life in nineteenth century New Mexico are complimentary, included with the purchase of a headboard constructed from 1860s lumber.

Regardless of which collection one prefers, there are myriad options available for stains and finishes—each deep and richly hued—as well as for tin or copper panels, finished with subtle embossing or elaborate and colorized patterns.

As much as for its artistry, New Mexico Furniture Company is renowned for the comfort and utilitarian ease of each piece. It is a rare thing to find a wood chair that would keep one’s dinner guests sitting delightedly around the dining table, but yes, its existence is legendary. Adjustable shelving, drawers that operate with seemingly impossible smoothness, and fine quality hardware are the timeless ingredients that make every acquisition a favorite heritage.